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I'm a big fan of Photography Talk and they use a lot of videos from Adorama I particularly like Mark Wallace and his Digital Photography One on One segments. He does a great job of breaking down things in a way that I can understand. Below I've started the list of his videos from youtube from Episode 0 to the point I've watched. Plus some of the others I've randomly watched. As I have time to watch more I'll list them here. Enjoy!
0 Lighting Tips
1 Basics of Flash Photography
2 Light Meter
3 Light Options
4 Lighting Part One

Lighting Part Two

Lighting Part Three
5 Lighting Setups
6 Pocket Wizard System
7 Portrait Photography Which Lens
8 Metering
9 Camera Bags
10 Lighting Ratios
11 Seven Basic Lighting Setups
12 Depth of Field
13 White Balance
14 Aperture Values
15 Panning
16 Exposure
17 Sync Speed and Flash Duration
18 Freezing Motion with Your Shutter
19 Shooting Fireworks
20 On Location Flash
21 Shooting with Tether
22 Shooting Video on DSLR
23 Portrait Lighting Basic 3 lights
24 Understanding Stops
25 Metering Part 1
26 Metering Part 2
27 Metering Part 3
28 Metering Part 4 (Advanced Metering)
29 Self Portraits
30 Unusual Point of View
31 Macro Basics
32 Tips for Beginners
33 Histograms
34 Easy Product Photography
35 Shooting Lightning
36 Trick or Treat Photography
37 Post Production Workflow Part 1
38 Post Production Workflow Part 2
39 Understanding RAW files
40 Stop Action Videos
41Dynamic Range
42High Key & Low Key Lighting
43On Camera Flash Basics
44Slow shutter Magic


53 Shooting in Manual Mode
56 Shooting with the Nifty 50

More Resources about Photography

Equipment Resources

Tools of the Trade

  • Whibal Reference Gray Card Tutorial This is really cool. If you struggle with white balance problems this looks like a great tool. Watch the videos to learn more. Thanks to Brian for sharing this site.
  • PC Inspector Smart Recovery - Great tool if you find your card is corrupted.
  • Sofortbild - Free software for your Mac to tether your computer. Added 8/10/11 (Thanks Staphon for the tip)
  • Shutter Counts - Wonder how many pictures/shutter click you have on your camera? Upload your latest picture and you can find out.

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